To be honest, three weeks ago I could not believe it: After several changes and postponements due to Covid-19, finally our TCL-projects are ready for take-off. In a few days our so-called TCL Academy will open its online doors . We will provide and support you with workshops, meetups and seminar to develop your skills and tackle annoying limitation in twinning activities. I am really excited. And, our TCL-Booster has already started… planned for 2020, we just began our work in Karlsruhe and Krasnodar – the first twinning-couple we support with our booster.

As we are speeding up, I am so happy, that our team is growing.
Oleksandra Gnyp joined us recently as our Academy- and Eventmanager. Welcome Oleksandra! 
We will introduce her properly in one of our next blogposts. Be sure, you will meet an experienced, powerful and energetic, Ukraine-born team member. 

After a short funding-related break Ivan Makarov is back. In 2020 he joined us to get things going in Russia. But, instead of making magic happen in Russia, he had to become one of the hard working minds behind our Tool-Box. Now, Ivan just arrived in Krasnodar, starting to scout for topics, movers and shakers and interesting organisations. Welcome back, Ivan! We will introduce him properly in one of our next blogposts as well. Our reliable problem-solver and networker has many thoughts and skills to share.

And, now, back to work. To show you what we got, we have to update our website.