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Twin City Lab 

The Twin City Lab boosts twinning cities partnerships, enables urban communities, and pushes the level of international exchange beyond current standards. We believe that dynamic and vivid relationships are based on reliable networks and dedicated communities – and on your innovative ideas.


In 2019 we laid the foundation for our Twin City Lab activities.  We started with a Twin City BarCamp in Minsk for an exchange of best practices, the development of new formats as well as screening and mapping the twin city landscape. And, we have published our digital toolbox, to provide you with innovative projects, guides, tutorial and insights.

In 2021 the Twin City Lab continues its work  
– thanks to a generous funding by the foreign federal office.

Again, supporting and coaching twinning cities by providing incubator workshops, potential analyses and maker workshops with our TCL Booster is one of our core activities.

And we  come up with our brand new TCL Academy.
New and established actors in twinning partnerships often encounter challenges that could be solved with the right skills. The TCL Academy offers tailor-made online training courses for voluntary and full-time actors in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Germany. It provides opportunities for professional development and networking with others.

In September 2021 our TCL BarCamp will happen again – for dynamic exchange at eye level, innovations and impulses for change.

➜ We are Hiring!



The Twin City Lab is a project by Brains & Bridges and several partner organisations.


Brains & Bridges


Brains and Bridges is an international NGO based in Germany and devoted to civil society cooperation. For the Twin City movement, Brains and Bridges teams up with a variety of partners and supporters.


We share the view, that modern twin city partnerships need new incentives and actions beyond conventional practices. 




New Cultural Initiative, Minsk: with NKI as our stronghold in Minsk we have a partner who will support us with consulting, logistics and their network in our daily challenges.
NKI is devoted to supporting the belorusian cultural scene as well as the international exchange on a cultural level.




policult is a Berlin-based agency well known for their alternative event formats like Barcamps and their support in civil society movements, e.g. in the field of science communication and education. policult offers its expertise, manpower as well as financial support in this pilot project.


Deutsch-Russisches Forum


German-Russian Forum is the first German contact to get in touch with when it is about twinning cities – since their foundation 26 years ago they have been engaged in German-Russian TwinCity-partnerships and they know all highs and lows of the business. For this project, they offer us their expertise to pave the way for modern twinning cities. 



The project is funded with generous support from the Federal Foreign Office.


Foreign Federal Office  



We are a bunch of passionate makers
to push forward intercultural exchange and urban development.

This is our core team:


Gregor Büning

Lab-head, networker and civil society enthusiast
“Leave the beaten path!“


Björn Müller-Bohlen

Conceptionist & Facilitator from the bottom of his heart
“Are you staying awake for the liftoff?“


Olga Kuznetsova

Connector and researcher, diving deep.

“Small is beautiful”

Ivan Makarov

Ivan Makarov

Coordinator making magic happen in Russia

“Because why not.“