TCL Booster

In 2021 the Twin City Lab is supporting and coaching twinning cities from Belarus, Germany Russia and Ukraine.

Together with you, we will identify new topics, explore the potentials of your cities and urban communities, and support you with implementing new formats and integrating new actors into your twin city work. Whether you have a well-established Twin City partnership or you are just about to build a new one!

Boosters 2021

We offer four workshops to you and your existing or future twinning city.

All workshops have an explicit focus on the knowledge, expertise and energy of the involved actors and initiatives.

Our facilitation work is based on a mix of open space-, design thinking- and experience-oriented settings paired with profound expertise in partnership development, networking, process and event management, and intercultural exchange.

With our Booster programme,
we provide you with:

  • A fresh view on your local abilities and twin city effects
  • Profound expertise in partnership development
  • Adaptive mapping and network strategies to identify local potentials
  • Analysis of your city’s interests, potentials and necessities

  • Matching of interests, potentials, needs and your ideas with your city partner
  • Excellent opportunity to empower local players as well as to seek and integrate new actors