Most of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, it will be nearly 70%. Cities have become the main points not only for living but also for social and economic development. This raises huge challenges but also offers great opportunities.

So what makes cities so important globally, especially for future generations?

It has long been clear that cities will play an even more significant role in the future. Cities are humanity’s most realistic hope for prosperity and promotion of democracy in contrast to both developed and developing nations, which are becoming increasingly polarized.

The challenges faced by people and their habitats in a globalized world are manifold. They must and can only be solved locally and collaboratively. Thus, cities and urban communities should team up with others. The good news is: due to rather historical reasons many cities have so-called sister cities or twinning cities. Filled with new meaning and spirit, twinning is, more than ever, an ideal framework: it continues to create meeting opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding. Nevertheless, due to limitations and obstacles, they often do not take advantage of their potential.

Twin City Lab thinks globally and in the long run with a clear vision and understanding, that collaboration is the key to success.

So, what if it is possible to…

  • … match urban communities?
  • … learn from each other?
  • … generate new knowledge for sustainable cities
  • … tackle similar challenges our cities face together
  • … build partnerships on true eye-level height?
  • … augment the idea of twinning cities?

At Twin City Lab we make it happen!

We know about the complexity of successful international twinning arrangements and cooperations. With our know-how in participatory exchange projects and agile citizen collaborations, and facilitation as well as our experience in different countries, and expertise in building strategic partnerships, we have a professional sense for ideas, opportunities, and players.

The Twin City Lab boosts twinning cities partnerships, enables urban communities, and pushes the level of international exchange beyond current standards. We believe that dynamic and vivid relationships are based on reliable networks and dedicated communities and innovative ideas.

We are convinced that we can achieve our mission faster together, through cooperation with other organizations, people, and sponsors who share this mission with us.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you!