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The Peter Farber prize

Short Description and Goal

To perpetuate the memory of Peter Farber, which remains a source of inspiration for twinning and for youth, the Town of Annecy created a prize bearing his name.

Detailed Description

Peter Faber (deceased 2009) was one of the founding members of the Annecy-Bayreuth twinning.

What is the Peter Faber prize?
This prize is awarded by the Town of Annecy, to an individual project based on a topic of interest to both twin towns (for example; German culture, aspects of the Annecy-Bayreuth relationship or on one or more specific aspects of the city of Bayreuth).

Projects can be submitted as a written report, video montage or website and must meet the following criteria :

  • contribute to a deeper understanding and knowledge of Bayreuth (for example it’s history or particular aspects of interest),
  • highlight the links between Annecy and Bayreuth,
  • forge closer relationships and a deeper understanding between the citizens of Annecy and Bayreuth,
  • create closer ties between institutions, associations, clubs and / or companies in both towns.

The prizes

1st prize : 700 €
2nd prize : 450 €
3rd prize: 350 €.

Conditions of entry:

  • Be either from Annecy or studying in Annecy.
  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Have a good working level of German, in order to conduct research.
  • Have a draft of your project approved by the jury.
  • Provide a curriculum vitae and a piece of identity.

Initiated by

  • Municipality of Annecy

Initiators are

• Public institution

Funded by

• Municipality

Contact Info

Project Topics

Education, Young People

Level / Project Complexity /


Participating Cities

  • Annecy
  • Bayreuth

Sizes of Participating Cities

• 20.000 - 100.000
• 100.000 - 500.000

Participating Countries

  • France
  • Germany

Project Region(s)

• Europe

Media Credits

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash