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International Youth Theatre Festival Fair Culture

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Young student-theatre groups from Hannover, Poznań, Blantyre, Ghana, Palestine and Turkey met at the international youth theatre festival Fair Culture and exchanged ideas about a fair future using the medium of performing arts.

Detailed Description

The most important link was the numerous national and inter-school drama and dance workshops before and in between the performances. New contacts and interactions could take place here. In the symposium “Theatre Network Impact Development” that was held simultaneously, theatre professionals and students of performing arts from the University of Acra, Ghana and the University of Leibniz in Hannover, reflected on the proceedings.

What do these projects contribute towards the discussion on fairness and participation? The special approach of the conference was the discussion of the interfaces between artistic and social work as well as a close integration of theory and practice. The international theatre event was organised by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Spiel&Theater, by the Youth theatre of Hannover as well as the Agenda 21 and the Cultural office of Hannover in collaboration with national and international partners.

As an outcome of the festival, a declaration was signed in which the organisers make an appeal to improve the global conditions for the development of the human, artistic and scientific qualities of the people. The project went through the following phases: Preparation in the project council and working groups in Hannover and with the international partners, simultaneous initiation of the exchange program between Accra and Leibniz Universities, conducting the festival and the conference follow-up.

A significant obstacle in the project was the collaboration problems between the organisers due to the difference in institutional interests and requirements, and sometimes lack of support for the project from their own institution.

An important outcome was the interaction between the youth in host families and on the stage, which resulted in intense debate on the topic and many warm friendships in a short duration.

Another successful result is that the festival was a motivation to organise a partner festival in the partner city of KlimaKunstStädte Symposium.

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Arts & Culture, Civil Society, Education, Environment, Climate & Energy, Sustainable development, Young People

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Participating Cities

  • Hannover
  • Poznań
  • Blantyre

Sizes of Participating Cities

• 500.000 - 1,5 Mio

Participating Countries

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Malawi
  • Ghana
  • Palestine
  • Turkey

Project Region(s)

• Asia
• Europe
• Sub-Saharan Africa

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