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Eat, Eat, Eat Fest!

Short Description and Goal

Eat, Eat, Eat Festival features talent from all Leipzig’s partner cities!

Detailed Description

As the name suggests, the Eat, Eat, Eat festival combines culture and cuisine to deliver some of the best culinary delights from all cities connected to Leipzig. The event, which took place on the horse track Scheibenholz, featured many local delicacies, regional specialties, live music from all of the Leipzig’s ‘Twin Cities’ including a special theatrical performance from the bands of the Flying Music Circus.

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Initiated by

  • The Blues Agency, Stadt Leipzig
  • Flying Music Circus

Initiators are

• Public institution

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      Contact Info

      Blues Agency-Veranstaltungen GmbH
      Kantstr. 23
      04275 Leipzig
      Tel. +49-(0)341-30 37 300
      Fax +49-(0)341-30 37 333

      Leipzig Grün-Netzwerk für Stadtkultur
      vertreten durch culturtraeger
      Gabelsbergerstr. 1a
      04317 Leipzig
      Tel. +49-(0)341-141650

      Participating Cities

      • Leipzig

      Project Topics

      • Arts & Culture

      Level / Project Complexity


      Participating Countries

      • Germany

      Project Region(s)

      • Europe

      Sizes of Participating Cities

      • 500.000 - 1,5 Mio