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Die Tolle Woche

Short Description and Goal

Enschede calls itself the most German city of Netherland. Each year In cooperation several German cities, including the twinning city of Munster, they organise a week-long festival “Die Tolle Woche” (eng. The Great Week) to promote cross-border cooperation.

Detailed Description

The close proximity of Enschede to the German border offers residents and companies enormous opportunities. City wants to develop and fully exploit the potential of accessible jobs and economic growth that is hidden behind the border.

Within years many contacts were made between authorities, educational and research institutes and private partners, and successes were recorded in cooperation with neighbours in the areas of companies, education and the labour market. The city continues to expand this cross-border cooperation. Enschede turns into a knowledge hub with regard to cross-border projects.

Enschede shares their expertise with others in many ways, including the annual “Die Tolle Woche” event.

The project’s vision: a border region that functions socially and economically as if the border no longer existed, and in which the most German city in the Netherlands is located, Enschede.

For more effective contribution to cross-border work, learning, business, relaxation and living organisers group events by themes. They may differ each year.


  • learning
  • working
  • entrepreneurship
  • mobility
  • sustainability
  • safety and tourism
  • art and culture


  • learning
  • working
  • business
  • security and tourism
  • art and culture

Events during 2020 week:

  • Cross-border bike route (26.9. + 27.9.)
  • International Skateboard Contest (26.9.)
  • Sunday market ‘Oktoberfest’ in Enschede (27.9.)
  • Borderland kapella and Oberkrainer in the Music center (30.9.)
  • The big EUREGIO baking (04.10.)
  • Sunday market ‘cycling’ (04.10.)
  • GPS tour (04.10.)
  • Concordia – Wayne Horse – May all your dreams come through (all week)



In 2020 many offline events were cancelled or went online due to pandemics

Initiated by

  • Enschede municipality

Initiators are

• Public institution

Funded by

• Municipality

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Project Topics

Arts & Culture, Border Cities, Civil Society, Fundraising, Public Services & Administration, Tourism, Urban Development

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Participating Cities

  • Enschede
  • Munster

Sizes of Participating Cities

• 100.000 - 500.000

Participating Countries

  • Netherlands
  • Germany

Project Region(s)

• Europe

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Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels