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Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) – Arnsberg and Alba Iulia example.

Short Description and Goal

It is a project promoting climate action and facilitating exchange between national governments as well as municipalities and schools in Europe. Its aim is to strengthen bi- and multilateral cooperation on climate action in the EU and to create common ambition for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.
As a part of BEACON project and assisted by Energy Cities Arnsberg and Alba Iulia have agreed on a climate partnership work plan.

Detailed Description

This exchange program for city servants enriched discussions on climate issues. The cities implemented a climate exchange program in schools and joint actions on sustainable mobility. The camp took place during the European Mobility Week in 2020.

Alba Iulia and Arnsberg have also shared their knowledge and experience on:
– using smart technologies,
– engaging youth and elderly citizens in climate actions,
– integrating climate issues in city image development,
– local energy and mobility management as well as air quality monitoring.

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Initiated by

  • Guidehouse, adelphi, Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU)

Initiators are

• Public institution

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      Participating Cities

      • Arnsberg
      • Alba Iulia

      Project Topics

      Environment, Climate & Energy

      Level / Project Complexity


      Participating Countries

      • Germany
      • Romania

      Project Region(s)

      • Europe

      Sizes of Participating Cities

      • 20.000 - 100.000