It’s a match! Successful volunteer recruitment for your organization and twinning projects


A large number of projects in the public sector, especially related to international partnerships and multilateral projects, are impossible without dedicated people and volunteers. There is more to do than ever before and helping hands are needed right now! But how can you find new committed people despite contact restrictions or social distancing? Showing presence and reaching out to new people with your vision is even more difficult online. However, new ways need to be walked to meet new people. So, we invite you to this wonderful journey of exploring new ways of volunteer recruitment. Time to reflect and upgrade your strategies to find supporters.

In our event-workshop you will learn,
> the different volunteer recruitment paths and what kind of volunteers you usually meet there,
> how to show presence despite contact restrictions,
> how a short engagement opportunity can become the foundation for a long-term relationship.

You will also benefit from the experiences and ideas of other participants and have the chance to develop new ideas together with them or to adapt them for your purposes. Join our workshop to level up your skills in successful volunteer recruitment.

This course consists of two parts:
[A] 1x video input for individual preparation.
[B] 1x live session via Zoom.

Your instructor & coach introduces you to the topic via video content. He will provide you with the necessary knowledge and open up new possibilities. Each participant can view the content individually and work through it at their own pace. In the joint live sessions, we clarify your questions and discuss concepts and approaches. We will also concentrate on exchanging experiences and developing your ideas. Your coach will support you.

Live Session Date:
21 October 2021, 16 – 17.30 CET.
On-demand content will be provided on 14 October 2021.

Time invest for you:
• 40 min for video content
• 90 min for a live session

Your speaker & coach:
Jana Piske, cheerful Rhinelander and digital native.Since 2019, she has been teaching team management skills online with the continuing education platform Fairlinked. Her way to help virtual teams succeed.The focus of her work is virtual team building and intercultural teams in the digital space.

The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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Course Materials, Links and Files:

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