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This event workshop is an introduction to the fuss-free and amazingly effective video genre: human stories. This is the genre of choice for those who aim to empower their communities, to facilitate mutual sympathy, understanding, and trust in any communicatory situation, no matter how sensitive or in other way complicated it may be.

In our event workshop you will:
> learn to find interesting characters and tell their stories via engaging videos,
> find out what questions make good interviews, both engaging and easy to cut together,
> learn to plan your production day, choose the best urban locations and shoot there.

Live Session provides you with ample opportunities for exploring the human stories together with participants from other countries and cities, for networking and commencing new cross-border and cross-cultural town twinning  projects, involving various communities on both sides.
Join our workshop to level up your social media skills!

This course consists of two parts:
[A] 1x video input for individual preparation.
[B] 1x live session via Zoom.

Your instructor & coach introduces you to the topic via video content. He will provide you with the necessary knowledge and open up new possibilities. Each participant can view the content individually and work through it at their own pace. In the joint live sessions, we clarify your questions and discuss concepts and approaches. We will also concentrate on exchanging experiences and developing your ideas. Your coach will support you.

Live Session Date:
October 26th, 2021, 17 – 18.30 CET
On-demand content will be provided on October 19th, 2021.

Time invest for you:
• 18 min for video content
• 90 min for a live session

Your speaker & coach:
Ivan Mishchikhin is “7х7” head of video: he strongly believes that a real good producer should experience the whole production workflow first hand and supervises all stages of production — from storyboarding to video editing. Ivan closely watches the latest developments in documentaries and film, seeking to put some of those to use in video journalism.

The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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Course Materials, Links and Files:

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