Looking for funding opportunities for Twin Cities


When you look for funding opportunities, what are the key parts that you pay attention to? The amount of funding or the topic of the opportunity? Or is it the technical requirements? Let’s look at the important parts of the fund application procedure and how to structure your project in a way that will facilitate the workflow. Cities can cooperate on many levels, the work should be designed with a deep understanding of the benefits, results, and responsibilities of each partner. Cooperation and synergy are two things that every good application is required to have. Why is the partnership in the project so important and how to make it work? What is the donor looking for?

In our event-workshop you will learn,
> what opportunities there are,
> how to look for proper funding opportunities,
> how to structure your proposal,
> how to match your idea with the goals of the opportunity,
> how to plan gender equality, ecological impact and sustainability in your project,
> how to write the background for your application,
> indicators and their role in the project,
> how to read the project from the donor’s perspective.

In the frame of the workshop, we’ll look at main challenges cooperations face when planning and applying for funding with their projects. Be prepared to share your experience and attempts in writing proposals for funding, as it is the best way to learn to successfully apply for grants.

This course consists of two parts:
[A] 1x video input for individual preparation.
[B] 1x live session via Zoom.

Your coach introduces you to the topic via video content providing you with the necessary knowledge and opening up new possibilities. Each participant can view the content individually and work through it at their own pace. In the joint live sessions, we clarify your questions and discuss concepts and approaches. We will also concentrate on exchanging experiences and developing your ideas. Your coach will support you.

Live Session Date:
25 November 2021, 17 – 18.30 CET.
On-demand content will be provided on 18 November 2021.

Time invest for you:
• 30 min for video content
• 90 min for a live session

Your speaker & coach:
Revaz Tateishvili, co-founder and fundraised for NGO “Insha Osvita” since 2015 and NGO “SHUM” since 2019. Author and creator of the self-funded free space “RePost. Started to work on the grants applications in 2013, working for business projects in rural Ukraine, LGBTQ network, newly created hubs in Ukraine, and as representative of SUM Consult (Germany). In 2018 founded the social business “Gosti” in Kramatorsk (Ukraine). 

The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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Course Materials, Links and Files:

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