Focus on your target groups! Upgrade your Twinning Activities with Design Thinking!


Building and establishing a city partnership with great impact can be challenging. Why are some offers better received than others? What new things can you offer your participants? User-centered innovation is a way of developing new offerings that are radically geared to the needs of your target group. The approach that makes this possible is called "Design Thinking," which was developed in the 1970s and then first found its way into companies and startups. Today, people all over the world work with Design Thinking to create innovation in the fields of business, sustainability, democracy, health, or social services. In the three-part online training "Design Thinking" you will learn about this concept.

Our three-part online training will teach you the following:
> What is the difference between technology-driven, success-driven, and user-centered innovation?
> How do I put myself in my target group's shoes and gather information about their needs?
> How do I formulate a question in such a way that it addresses a real problem?
> How do I create new, innovative solutions?
> How can I test a prototype in such a way that I get reliable feedback without investing a lot of time and money?

You will learn why it is advisable to distinguish between a phase of problem analysis and a phase of solution-finding - and you will receive valuable support to get into the appropriate mindset. Together with other participants, you will then start looking for the needs of your target group, receive valuable information on which needs twinning can fulfill, and develop tailored, new offers for your portfolio.

This course consists of three parts. The three-piece Design Thinking course is neither an online lecture nor a webinar, but a live online training in which you learn by doing the complete Design Thinking process. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, you will use the methods of target group-oriented innovation development to further develop and improve your project within your city partnership.

Live Session Dates:
06 December, 13 December, 20 December 2021, 17 – 18.30 CET.

Time invest for you:
90 min x 3 for live training.

Your speakers & coaches:
Michael Metzger has been an innovation consultant for over ten years. The founder of the D.Network has advised numerous organizations on how to better collaborate and organize formats that are results-oriented. In 2020, Michael Metzger co-founded the Online Facilitator Academy and has helped more than 1,500 people facilitate and run events online. When developing innovation, the design thinking expert and social scientist attach great importance to ensuring that the future target group is at the center of all considerations.

Lea Rabe is committed to ensuring that digitalization instead supports individuals and teams in their work and thus takes them to the next level. Her master's degree at the intersection of psychology, computer science, and engineering has equipped her to do just that, and she's also added a good deal of workshop experience and digital product development to the mix.

The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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