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Since early 2020, many of us have gained new experiences working "remotely" at home or elsewhere away from the office, due to the constantly changing pandemic situation. For others, working together virtually is (and was) a necessity and “normal”, as they collaborate with colleagues or project partners from other cities or countries. Against this background, the topic of "virtual teams" and collaborating online is very relevant for many these days, and remote workers are often grateful for tips, methods, and tools. When it comes to city partnerships online collaboration plays a particularly important role, as there is not always time and opportunity to visit another city, especially when it is located at a great geographical distance abroad.

Our online workshop will provide answers to the following main questions:
> What makes virtual work so challenging, and how do I analyze what my current remote work situation looks like? What does science know about virtual collaboration?
> Which IT, software, technology and room settings do I need to reflect on to be well-equipped for remote work?
> Why does it make sense to work on a team agreement with the model of the “3 C’s” (Communication, collaboration, and coordination) especially regarding our digital toolset?
> What are my challenges with working remotely / collaborating virtually, and what are possible ways to master these challenges?
> What are tips, tricks, tools, and methods for virtual meetings and workshops, that I can apply directly to my everyday work?

During the live session, there will be room for discussion and reflection on the next steps for each participant – since no remote (working) team context and purpose is the same, and thus we all need individual ways how the approach the topic of virtual work and collaboration.

This course consists of two parts:
[A] 1x video input for individual preparation.
[B] 1x live session via Zoom.

Your coach introduces you to the topic via video content providing you with the necessary knowledge and opening up new possibilities. Each participant can view the content individually and work through it at their own pace. In the joint live sessions, we clarify your questions and discuss concepts and approaches. We will also concentrate on exchanging experiences and developing your ideas. Your coach will support you.

Live Session Date:
02 December 2021, 17 – 18.30 CET.
On-demand content will be provided on 25 November 2021.

Time invest for you:
• 25 min for video content
• 90 min for a live session

Your speaker & coach:
Jakob Hasselgruber is a certified live online trainer, coach, and new work enthusiast. He has more than 10 years of experience in supporting employees and managers to develop individually, as well as to learn and to work together successfully and effectively. For many years until 2018, Jakob Hasselgruber was a project- and team lead at the executive academy of a German corporate company, with his team working in a virtual, hybrid, and agile way.

The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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