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Robert Bosch Stiftung: Actors of Urban Change

Short Description

Actors of Urban Change promotes sustainable, participatory urban development through cultural activities and uses the specific potential of culture as a driving force and trailblazer for positive change. For this purpose, cross-sectoral cooperation between actors from the cultural / nonprofit, the public and the private sector is initiated and further developed. Through local projects, international qualification programs with peer learning, Europe-wide exchange and individual coaching, the program participants apply their skills in practice.


Arts & Culture, Education, Exchange, Heritage, Intercultural Awareness, Urban Development

Region/Country of implementation

  • Eastern Europe
  • ,
  • Europe

Eligible to apply

Civil society Organisations
Civil society initiatives
Educational Associations
Cultural Associations
Non-profit organisations
Private Business

Funded Costs

Material costs. Support for local laboratories includes project funding of up to € 6,000, tailored support from local or international experts thanks to process-related advisory funding of up to € 4,000, and travel expenses of up to € 3,000.



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