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Funding Opportunity Details

Renovabis GoEast!

Short Description

GoEast supports a variety of programme formats in the field of European youth exchanges, including programmes for the exchange of professionals. We support events on faith and religion as well as topics such as democracy development, integration of minorities, migration and ecology.


Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Business, Civil Society, Democracy, Eastern Europe, Education, Environment, Climate & Energy, Equal opportunities, Exchange, Globalisation, Governance, Health Care, Heritage, Human rights, Inclusion & Welfare, Intercultural Awareness, LGBTQ / FLTI, Migration, Peacebuilding

Region/Country of implementation

  • Germany
  • ,
  • Eastern Europe

Eligible to apply

Civil society Organisations
Civil society initiatives
Educational Associations
Cultural Associations
Non-profit organisations
Municipal bodies
Private Business
Social Movements

Application requirements

Requires co-funding

Funded Costs

– Travel expenses and the cost of room and board for young people from Germany and from Central and Eastern Europe
– Programme costs (e.g. speakers, admission, etc.)
– Insurances
– Costs of interpreters/translators


Application possible all year; at least eight weeks before the start of the project

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