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Funding Opportunity Details

Project-Oriented Capacity Building for CSOs and Initiatives

Short Description

Ukraine Calling has announced a call for applications for the Project-oriented capacity building for civil society organisations and initiatives from Ukraine, Belarus, France, Poland, and Germany on local development. The programme offers seminars and workshops to provide orientational and applied knowledge on the topic of local development, as well as to assist its participants in developing cross-sectoral competences and to foster international networking. Actors from various !elds (i.a. education, human rights, culture, media, academia) are invited to apply, introducing a project idea for cross-sectoral transnational cooperation, that they want to develop for subsequent implementation after the programme.


Arts & Culture, Civil Society, Education, Human rights, Young People

Region/Country of implementation

  • Eastern Europe
  • ,
  • Europe

Eligible to apply

Civil society Organisations
Educational Associations
Cultural Associations
Non-profit organisations

Application requirements

You have a genuine interest in cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approaches in the !eld of local development, as well as a concrete idea for a topic-related transnational project you want to implement.

Funded Costs

The costs for the events, workshops, accommodation, catering during the seminars and travels to Frankfurt (Oder) and Kyïv will be covered by the organisers. Furthermore, participants are supported with a kick-o” grant (up to 400 €).



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