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Europa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger

Short Description

The Europe for Citizens program offers diverse subsidies for municipalities, associations, associations, educational institutions, research institutes, foundations, trade unions and other civil society organizations, which contribute with their activities to the promotion of active European citizenship.


The Europe for Citizens programme is divided into two funding areas:

Funding area 1- »European History Awareness«:
is aimed at organizations and institutions that deal with memory work and European history of the 20th century. Century as well as reflection on European values.

Funding area 2- »Democratic commitment and participation«:
concerns in particular town twinning and friendships, associations and associations, educational institutions, church institutions, etc.


Arts & Culture, Civil Society, Democracy, Equal opportunities, Europe, Governance, Heritage, Human rights, Inclusion & Welfare, Intercultural Awareness, Migration, Peacebuilding, Science/Research, Tolerance, Young People


  • Kulturpolitischen Gesellschaft e.V. (KS EfBB)

Region/Country of implementation

  • EU

Eligible to apply

Civil society Organisations
Civil society initiatives
Educational Associations
Cultural Associations
Non-profit organisations
Municipal bodies
Social Movements

Application requirements

Application from is submitted via web-page.

Funded Costs

Raising awareness and training relevant stakeholders to improve their knowledge of rights, values ​​and policies within the areas and objectives covered by the program;
◦ mutual learning through the exchange of best practices between actors to improve knowledge and mutual understanding;
◦ Analysis activities to improve mutual understanding of the situation in the Member States and at Union level and an associated improvement in the application of EU law, EU policies and EU values ​​(e.g. through the collection of data and statistics, studies, method development, research work , Evaluations, reports, teaching material);

Development and maintenance of information and communication technology (ICT) instruments to support civil society organizations and non-profit actors in securing access for all citizens to their services, advice and support offers; as well as helping civil society organizations and non-profit actors carry out advocacy activities to promote rights, transparency and good governance;
◦ Raising awareness among citizens, especially young people, of European culture, heritage, identity and history, including with regard to totalitarian and authoritarian regimes and other formative moments in recent European history;
◦ Bringing together citizens of different nationalities and cultures, e.g. within the framework of town twinning and through participation in civil society projects;

Promoting and facilitating active and inclusive participation in building a more democratic Union and raising awareness of rights and values ​​by supporting civil society organizations;
◦ Strengthening the capacities of European networks to promote and develop Union law, values, political goals and strategies;
◦ Funding technical and organizational support for the implementation of the Citizens ‘Initiative Regulation, which is intended to empower citizens to initiate and support European Citizens’ Initiatives;
◦ Improving knowledge of the program and the dissemination and transferability of its results and promoting public relations work, including through the establishment and support of program contact points


September, 1st

Contact Information

Jeanette Franza, M.A.
Consulting, public relations

Tel.: +49 (0)228 – 201 67 – 21

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.