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Hippocrene Foundation

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The founders of the Hippocrene Foundation made it its mission to support concrete and innovative projects relating to Europe and youth. The projects supported have to be sponsored by non-profit associations or organisations.Some of the supported projects occur in the context of long-term partnerships between the Foundation and certain associations. All projects must be submitted to the Foundation through this website.

Created by Jean and Mona Guyot, the Hippocrene Foundation is a family-owned non-profit organisation that works to promote the construction of genuine European citizenship by young people building the future of Europe.The Foundation’s mission is to support concrete projects sponsored by or for young Europeans, in all areas (culture, education, social and humanitarian) that leave way for dialogue and sharing to build a sense of common European citizenship. In doing so, Hippocrene enables young people to carry out their projects for Europe.Since 2006, Michèle Guyot-Roze, the Foundation’s President, and Nicole and Alexis Merville, its Vice-Presidents, have carried on the mission of the Foundation and the philosophy of its founders.


Arts & Culture, Europe, Young People


  • Hippocrene Foundation

Region/Country of implementation

  • EU

Eligible to apply

Civil society Organisations
Civil society initiatives
Educational Associations
Cultural Associations
Non-profit organisations
Municipal bodies
Private Business
Social Movements

Application requirements

Applicants should register at the web-page and submit the form via  the platform

The filling time of this form is estimated between 45 minutes and one hour. You can save your changes and complete it later.

Committee, which is made up of members of the Foundation’s Board of Governors. If your project is chosen by the Foundation’s Selection Committee, you may be contacted for additional information or for an appointment.The final decision, whether positive or negative, will be sent to you by email. When a project has been accepted, a letter of agreement is signed between the Hippocrene Foundation and the requesting organisation.


Requests are studied all year round. The response time is generally four to six weeks. However, for projects submitted in the year prior to their implementation, the response is not sent until the beginning of the following year.

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