You have read our Info-Sheet but there are still questions?
No worries, here are some frequently asked questions – and answers . 

Can regions apply as well as municipalities and communes?

Which costs are covered?
> Flights for speakers/hosts. Flight for scouts. The workshops itself
> Hotel and food for participants from your city in your partner city

Which costs are not covered?
> Hotel and food for 4 speakers for two workshops
> Hotel and food for international guests for 2nd workshop in your city
> Hotel and food for scouting trip
> Translator
> Flights for your participants to the workshop in your partner city

For regions:
once our scout is in town, he/she will not be mobile, so transport needs to be provided to cover the whole area

Why should we pay hotel for all guests of workshop?
Because it is the cheapest way for you. Almost every city has special contracts with hotels etc. By booking for your guests, you will get cheaper prices than your guests would get. When your participants go abroad to participate in the workshop in your partner city, you will have free accomodation. 

What is the scouting trip about?
Before we start developing the very specific workshop for your city, we will come to town to explore, meet people, make connections and learn as much as possible about your place.

How long will each workshop take?
2 days

Will workshops happen during the week or at the weekend?
Likely on the weekends, but during the week is possible, too.

How will the workshop look like?
The concept will be designed according to the circumstances in the two partner-cities. It will involve lots of creative sessions, group-work, ideation, etc. Also, there will be lots of very practical sessions, where you will start new projects together with your partner city

Should both partner-cities apply together?
Yes. As we are working to energize the twinning activities, the first step is to get you partner city involved.

Do we need a partnership already?
No, but you should have found a future partner and be willing to establish a partnership with – we will support you with that.

 If you do not have a future partner right now, we face completely different challenges. In this case, please contact us to discuss our opportunities and offers.

Will you support us with the administrative process of starting a TwinCity partnership?
No. We focus on helping you to start real projects with your partner and involve new communities to make every city getting the most out of the potential of this partnership.